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What’s NEVULA? What’s NEVULA?

Nevula is a completely integrated online and land-based casino ICO project.

What can Nevula do? What can Nevula do?

With Nevula, asset using blockchain technology or digital identity can be digitalized, and the digital asset using smart contract can be managed by oneself. A “smart economy” can be realized in the privacy focused distributed network.

The token holder can use the issued token as a casino chip, or exchange it to the casino machine with the collected token. It becomes an protected asset on the blockchain, and assets around the casino industry and blockchain industry among the ecosystem will be built.

According to Marketline’s survey, the revenue of all types of gambling industries including of chips and entrance fee of casinos, lotteries, horse racing, boat racing, and the pachinko industry in 2021 is expected to rise up to $472,225.5million. This estimation goes up by 15.2% since 2016, and the annual growth rate of the industry in the world from 2016 to 2021 is expected to be 2.9%.
Among all the gambling industries, when it comes to only the casino industry, even the more significant growth rate will be seen. According to Statista’s study, it shows that the revenue of all casinos in the world in 2016 was $115 billion. This was one quarter of all revenue that all gambling industries made. In addition, the study of the gaming market from 2017 to 2021 shows that during the period the combined annual growth rate of the global casino gaming industry is expected to be 10.16%, so this rapid growing field would attract attention all over the world. With this estimation, it can say that the casino industry will grow to become the $186.5 billion industry in 2021.

revenue in casino industry

The total amount of initial supply of Nevula Tokens is limited to 40 billion Nevula.

Token name NEVULA
Number of tokens issued 40,000,000,000 NVL
Total sales 47.6% of all issued tokens
Accepted currencies NEO
Soft cap $50,000,000- or the corresponding crypt currency
Hard cap $200,000,000- or the corresponding crypt currency

Token Distribution Ratio

Use of Funds

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